On the 4th August 2011, Mark Duggan was shot and killed in Tottenham. His death led to widespread uprisings and riots! Those who were arrested and imprisoned were described as ‘feral youths’ but we now know, as the result of an exclusive article in the Mail on Sunday newspaper, that Mark had been set up by senior officers working within the MPS Operation Trident Unit.

Join Mark’s family as we launch our demand for a public inquiry into the role of Operation Trident officers in putting guns out on the streets of London. Join the families of Mark Duggan, Cynthia Jarrett, Roger Sylvester, Joy Gardner and many other bereaved families as we formally launch NATIONAL INJUSTICE DAY.

Gather on Broadwater Farm from 4.30pm
Leave for Tottenham Police Station at 5.30pm
Rally at Tottenham Police Station from 6.00pm – 8.00pm

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Under Attack We Fight Back

We have been quiet since the publication of the whitewashed IPCC report into the killing of Mark Duggan. We have been busy conducting our own investigations into their investigation. We are now ready to report back on a number of new revelations, some contained in David Rose’s explosive article revealing previously unpublished details on the role of the Mets Operation Trident in Mark’s death (please see link below) and the IPCC’s role in fanning the flames that led to the riots of 2011. 
Join us to hear Courtenay Griffiths, the UK’s leading black QC and judge, explain why there has to be a judge led public inquiry into the corrupt tactics of Operation Trident and it’s officers. 
Join us as we launch the Justice for Janice Campaign, Janice is yet another Tottenham resident who was attacked by a police officer, whilst caring for her severely disabled child in Great Ormond Street Hospital. The attack was so severe that the officer was charged yet acquitted at Crown Court even though two police officers testified against him (please see link below) Come and find out how this happened. 
Join us and learn about the launch of Operation Shield in Haringey! Operation Shield is the Mayors attempt to bring American style policing to London and they have decided to pilot it in Tottenham first. Come and find out what it is and why Tottenham. 
An attack on ONE is an attack on ALL
Under Attack We Fight Back! 

Duggan Family Responds to IPCC Report into Mark’s Killing

The Duggan family are no longer surprised by the endeavours of the IPCC in the case of Mark Duggan’s killing by police. This report merely confirms their belief that the IPCC are ‘unfit for purpose’.

 From the beginning their conduct has been a chronicle of inefficiency and incompetence:

  1. The public and the family were seriously misled about what happened at the scene implying a shoot out between Mark Duggan and police
  1. There was an unjustified delay in the family being informed.
  1. The investigation by the IPCC on the night was dilatory, inadequate and mismanaged as evidenced at the Inquest
  1. Thereafter their investigation was slow and failed to pursue obvious lines of enquiry particularly in relation to the supplier Kevin Hutchinson Foster and the gun transfer.
  1. Their obligation to the court and the family to honour various necessary stages of disclosure was constantly reneged upon to the extent that the learned Coroner had to threaten proceedings for contempt of court.
  1. This report is no better. It is plainly wrong to suggest that the ‘evidence’ indicates that the most plausible explanation for the gun being found 14 feet away in a park over a fence was that Mark Duggan was shot whilst in the process of throwing the weapon. There was absolutely no evidence from any of the many witnesses to suggest this scenario. To the contrary when asked the witnesses who had a clear view denied seeing any such occurrence. In any event according to the shooter the gun was still in Mark Duggan’s hand when he was shot for a second time just before he collapsed to the ground. Four experts in the fields of pathology and firearms gave their opinion at the inquest that there was no evidence that the gun was thrown over a fence after this or at the point of the second shot.  Furthermore the jury findings do not support this contention but disposal at an earlier stage before Mark Duggan was shot and was therefore unarmed.
  1. The report is silent about the officer who falsified his training records (W42) – a partner officer to the one who shot Mark Duggan
  1. The report is far from robust about a number of matters relating to intelligence given the jury’s criticisms. This aspect is of considerable importance since the family’s position was that no shooting need have occurred if the police had taken obvious and clear steps to arrest the gun supplier in the preceding days. The jury findings were especially critical about this aspect and there are matters revealed this week that need to be addressed:
  2. Was there a previous trial of the gun supplier to Kevin Hutchinson Foster in which gun charges were dropped?
  3. Was there an intelligence file checked 2 days before which particularised gun possession by Kevin Hutchinson Foster?
  4. Where is the file now?
  5. Did a member of the Trident unit mislead the court about why the exact whereabouts of Kevin Hutchinson Foster had not been ascertained from the probation service. This has critical importance and is touched on in paragraph 1505 of the IPCC report.

 In the light of recent revelations these concerns need to be addressed by the IPCC as soon as possible and we call on them to produce a supplementary report.

Carole Duggan demands answers as Ministry of Justice ‘loses’ file on Mark Duggan’s death

Carole Duggan speaking in Brixton last night as part of the Ferguson Solidarity Tour

Carole Duggan speaking in Brixton last night as part of the Ferguson Solidarity Tour to raise awareness of deaths at police hands

The aunt of Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police on the streets of Tottenham in August 2011, is demanding answers from the Ministry of Justice over a missing file concerning Mark’s death.

Today’s Mail on Sunday reports that a computer disk containing the file was “lost in the post” at the ministry and is still missing. “According to some sources, the file may contain the name of the policeman who killed Duggan, as well as the identities of other officers involved,” the Mail on Sunday article says.

Carole, who is speaking at a Ferguson solidarity rally in Tottenham this evening, said: “The criminal justice system went out of its way to protect the identities of the officers who killed Mark, issuing all manner of reporting restrictions and anonymity orders in court. Now we learn that this apparently sensitive information has been ‘lost in the post’ at the Ministry of Justice.

“How did this file go missing? And why? Scotland Yard and the ministry have questions to answer if we are ever going to get to the bottom of why Mark was shot dead while unarmed and surrendering to police.”

Carole added: “I’m dismayed that the Mail and I presume the Metropolitan Police press office have used this scandal as an excuse to recycle discredited rumours and innuendo about Mark.

“It is absolute rubbish to claim that Mark ‘brandished a firearm at officers before running off’. This does not tally with any of the forensic evidence presented at his inquest. The gun was found in a sock 20 feet from his body. The only witness who says it was ever in Mark’s hands was the anonymous officer who shot him dead.”

Carole is speaking at dates on the Ferguson Solidarity Tour alongside Patrisse Cullors, a Los Angeles based justice activist and co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and several other families of those who have died in police custody.

She is appearing in Tottenham tonight (Sunday) at North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Road, London N17 6PY, and will be attending a meeting in parliament tomorrow evening (Monday) organised by Diane Abbott MP and John McDonnell MP for deaths in custody campaigners. Carole will also be speaking in Manchester on Thursday at the Hideaway Youth Project, Quinney Crescent Shoreham Close, Manchester M16 7D.

▶ The Ferguson Solidarity Tour is supported by Justice for Mark Duggan and has been initiated by Defend the Right to Protest, the United Families & Friends Campaign and NUS Black Students Campaign. To contact the organisers send an email to To contact the Justice for Mark Duggan campaign email


Today the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign held a press conference to respond to the judgement delivered at the Judicial Review, which upheld the ‘lawful’ killing verdict. In attendance were Carole and Marlon Duggan, Stafford Scott and Jude Lanchin, lawyer for Pamela Duggan, who read a statement on her behalf.

In her statement Pamela Duggan made clear her distress at the news, and spoke of her intention to lodge an appeal against the verdict. Carole Duggan spoke of the family’s reaction to the news, saying “We feel totally let down, disheartened and disappointed. We feel we are being held responsible for the uprising in 2011.” She also spoke of the concerns of the family and the campaign, some of which have been echoed by Judge Keith Cutler at the Inquest. The Police tactic of conferring on statements, and being allowed a 48 hour reprieve before even having to make them means that it becomes even more difficult to get an honest and fair account of events, this is why the family and the campaign have lodged a legal challenge to the practice of ‘conferring.’ “We know this will not help our family, but will help insure The Metropolitan Police’s honesty and integrity in similar incidents in the future”

Stafford Scott pointed to the words of the Judge at the Inquest’s concerns, which were made public but not published by the media – “I have said this on a number of occasions, I am very keen that there should be as much openness and transparency as possible, I do not want a lengthy inquest whereby in a years time people are going to say why wasn’t this done?”

Please join us on Saturday 25th October, 12noon, at Trafalgar Square for the United Family and Friends Annual Memorial March,


The Justice 4 Mark Duggan campaign would like to make an appeal to our friends and supporters for funds. Donations can be made on-line here – donate button on the right,  or by sending a cheque payable to “Justice for Mark Duggan” and post to J4M, BM Box 4390, London, WC1N 3XX.

Next Monday 15th September Mark Duggan would have been 33 and celebrating with his family and friends. Instead Mark’s children, family and friends will be marking Mark’s life without him.

Five weeks ago several hundred people marched from Broadwater Farm to Ferry Lane for a vigil to mark the 3rd anniversary of Marks death. The family launched a fresh witness appeal ( and announced plans to establish a foundation to fund projects in support of local young people. 

Many other justice campaigns and family members including Janet Alder, Marcia Rigg, Kadisha Burrell Brown, Myrna Simpson came out in support in addition to members of the community including Winston Silcott. Susan Alexander, whose son Azelle Rodney was shot dead by police, sent a message of support. People pledged the news that a Met officer is to be prosecuted for the death of Azelle Rodney should be just the beginning of achieving accountability for so many others who have died in custody. 

The Justice 4 Mark Duggan campaign would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended the march and vigil and who have supported us so far.

However we still have a long road to travel. In the next few weeks we expect to hear the outcome of the judicial review into the Inquest conclusion which we hope will quash the “lawful killing” verdict . (see: ). In the meantime we will continue to spread the word about the witness appeal in the hope of shedding more light on the circumstances of Mark’s death.

We will also be beginning the process of establishing a foundation in Mark’s name to initiate projects.

These activities require funds. Not all family members live in London, for example, so funds need to be raised for every visit or meeting that takes place.  

Please support us by making a donation no matter how big or small.


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