Thursday 30 January: Justice for Mark public meeting in Tottenham

j4m 30jan leaflet image WOBj4m 30jan leaflet image

7pm, Thursday 30 January 2014

North London Community House
22 Moorefield Rd, London N17 6PY
around the corner from Bruce Grove station

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Speakers include Carole DugganMarcia RiggBecky Shah (Hillsborough Justice Campaign), Linton Kwesi JohnsonZita Holbourne (PCS national executive, pc), Fidel Santigi (Riot From Wrong, justice4mark), Oktay Sahbaz (Day-Mer) and others tbc.

Mark Duggan’s family, friends and supporters believe that the inquest jury’s verdict that Mark was “lawfully killed” is terribly wrong. As the family solicitor said: “The jury found that he had no gun in his hand – and yet he was gunned down. For us that is an unlawful killing.”

The inquest has raised many troubling questions about the true circumstances of Mark’s death. We want answers to those questions. We will fight on to find out who was responsible for Mark’s death and hold them to account. We are calling on everyone to support us in this struggle.

Since 1990 some 1,476 people have died in police custody or following police contact (figures from Yet not one police officer has been convicted. In Tottenham the family and friends of Cynthia Jarrett, Joy Gardner and Roger Sylvester still have no justice.

On Saturday 11 January around 1,000 people attended a vigil for Mark outside Tottenham police station. A public meeting has now been called on Thursday 30 Jan by the family campaign: a place to discuss discuss the facts of the case, the person Mark really was – and how you can help the Justice for Mark Duggan campaign.

“The vigil was just the beginning of the mountain that we have to climb to get justice for Mark – in unity and solidarity alongside his family and loved ones”.

Justice for Mark Duggan –

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