National Motion


This branch /org agrees to support the Mark Duggan Justice Campaign.

Mark Duggan, a young black man who lived in Tottenham and was a dad of six was shot and killed by police on 4 August 2011.

The jury in an Inquest into Mark’s death delivered a verdict that Mark was not unlawfully killed even though they concluded that he was not holding a gun when he was shot dead by armed police.

Since 1990 some 1,484 people have died in police custody or following police contact (source: Yet not one police officer has been convicted. In Tottenham the family and friends of Cynthia Jarrett, Joy Gardner and Roger Sylvester and now Mark Duggan still have no justice.

Mark and his family have been demonised by sections of the media with misinformation and lies spread about the case. Mark’s criminal record was very minor – two fines on his record yet the media refer to him as a violent gangster and one of the 48 most dangerous criminals in Europe.  In the days following Mark being killed information emerged in the media that there was a shoot-out and that a bullet was fired at police which was not true.

    We believe that:

The verdict in the Inquest into Mark Duggan’s killing was influenced by the racist way in which Mark’s character was tarnished by the police and media.

the decision to find it lawful for the police to shoot an unarmed person has put all young people and in particular young black men at risk

the decision to grant Mark’s family a judicial review of the verdict is a welcome step forward.

    We agree to:

send  a message of solidarity to the family of Mark Duggan at this very difficult time

to sign the Mark Duggan Justice Campaign statement/ petition

to support the family in their continuing fight for justice for Mark

to make a donation to the campaign of £xx

to invite a speaker from the campaign to a branch / union meeting / agm

to raise concerns about the Inquest verdict and deaths at the hands of the state with members of Parliament

to give solidarity and support to the United Family and Friends Campaign which holds an annual memorial march on 27th October.

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