Month: June 2014

Coroner’s Report on Mark Duggan criticises failings in the investigation and “perceptions of police collusion”

The Coroners Report from the Inquest into Marks Death was published this week. It contains a number of criticisms and recommendations regarding: a failure to video record the crime scene; allowing firearms officers 48 hours to compose themselves before being questioned; and denying the IPCC access to police intelligence.
Mark’s mom Pamela has responded: “Mark was killed in cold blood with his hands up. This report has made me feel that we might one day get justice for him. I was told that when the police shot Mark he would have died instantly and wouldn’t have suffered. But I am still suffering. It was very quick for the police to kill Mark but it is taking a very long time to get justice for what they did. I’m not going to give up the fight.”
Support us on the 8th and 9th of July at the Royal Courts of Justice where our judicial review of the Inquest verdict will be heard.