Month: October 2014


Today the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign held a press conference to respond to the judgement delivered at the Judicial Review, which upheld the ‘lawful’ killing verdict. In attendance were Carole and Marlon Duggan, Stafford Scott and Jude Lanchin, lawyer for Pamela Duggan, who read a statement on her behalf.

In her statement Pamela Duggan made clear her distress at the news, and spoke of her intention to lodge an appeal against the verdict. Carole Duggan spoke of the family’s reaction to the news, saying “We feel totally let down, disheartened and disappointed. We feel we are being held responsible for the uprising in 2011.” She also spoke of the concerns of the family and the campaign, some of which have been echoed by Judge Keith Cutler at the Inquest. The Police tactic of conferring on statements, and being allowed a 48 hour reprieve before even having to make them means that it becomes even more difficult to get an honest and fair account of events, this is why the family and the campaign have lodged a legal challenge to the practice of ‘conferring.’ “We know this will not help our family, but will help insure The Metropolitan Police’s honesty and integrity in similar incidents in the future”

Stafford Scott pointed to the words of the Judge at the Inquest’s concerns, which were made public but not published by the media – “I have said this on a number of occasions, I am very keen that there should be as much openness and transparency as possible, I do not want a lengthy inquest whereby in a years time people are going to say why wasn’t this done?”

Please join us on Saturday 25th October, 12noon, at Trafalgar Square for the United Family and Friends Annual Memorial March,